New Year and Christmas is the time when each person buys presents for everyone at the same time. Each company is trying to attract customers’ attention, the competition is increasing.
BDCenter team has chosen brands’ New Year advertisements we liked the most.

Of course, we should mention Google advertising recreated scenes from a very popular movie “Home Alone”.
In the video, Google Assistant helps grown-up Kevin to deal with everyday tasks and scare away the robbers. Throughout the video, the hero controls the application with his voice: checks the to-do list for the day, adds shaving lotion to the shopping list, turns on the light, and starts “Kevin’s operation” against the bandits.
The slogan of the advertisements – Make Google do it.

In Everypixel has taught the neural network to create the atmosphere of real Russian New Year. Artificial intelligence knows how to dress people in Santa Claus or Snow Maidens in the photo, replace round objects with traditional festive dishes and turn pets into a symbol of the year 2019 in accordance with the Chinese calendar.
The service doesn’t work accurately for 100% but the pictures still look fun. Try to dress your team.

Scottish Irn-Bru drink for the second time turned to the most favorite English book ‘Snowman’. In the story, a boy made a snowman who suddenly came to life, they’ve become friends and went flying over the city.
For the first time, the brand used this child’s story in the advertisement in 2006. Heroes fighting for a can of Irn-Bru were added to the original story. The new advertisement for 2018 was made as a sequel for the first part and a third hero was introduced – it was Santa Claus.
The advertising combines the most favorite story of English people, the song “Walking in the Air”, and a national drink.

Another advertisement which was continued in 2018 was added to our top list. This is a Christmas message from the Swiss supermarket Migros. In a touching video, the store tells the story of little creatures that work with a barcode scanner at the checkout. The first video was made in 2017 and gathered over 1 million views. The company did not disregard such success and made a second video where a little hero named Finn goes to search for his parents.
We love such activities from brands because it is not the actions but the living stories that we remember!

Audi has introduced new Santa to the world.
He is not a kind and chubby old man anymore. In the video, he put as his main goal to lose weight and change. It really sounds unusual, isn’t it? We were quite based at the beginning, but, honestly speaking, Santa looks good and red Audi replaced the old sleigh perfectly.

We are done with the list but we agree that we could have missed some interesting stories from brands.