Every our project is a deep dive to industry. Collecting unique data and insights we want to share these findings and unlock opportunity to better understand global processes, make right choice of promotion strategy, and drivemake the key business decisions. All of BDCenter Digital's studies are gathered in the Insights section and available to everyone free of charge.

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    Jun-Jul 2019

    Analysis of the distribution of the news about the sale of the Gram token on the Liquid exchange

    One of the key roles of our agency is to help launch blockchain projects by promoting them in the media.

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    Aug-May 2019

    Native tokens of Cryptocurrency exchanges. The first chapter of the new BDCenter Digital Insights series

    During the time we were in the crypto industry, we helped four exchanges to enter the market and launched three IEO projects.

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    Aug-Nov 2018

    Marketing analysis of cryptocurrency exchanges for August – November 2018

    Cryptoexchange is a new superpowered trend that is actively gaining popularity among blockchain startups.