Analysis of the distribution of the news about the sale of the Gram token on the Liquid exchange

One of the key roles of our agency is to help launch blockchain projects by promoting them in the media. That’s why we were excited to analyse news surrounding the launch of Telegram’s ‘Gram’ tokens that was published by cryptocurrency exchange Liquid on 11 June. We took a closer look at how the news was distributed, and how effective the results were.

To do this, we analysed the main media channels that were used to promote this exciting new token: Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube.

At first, most media channels considered the news in relation to the token launch to be fake. However, Twitter changed that. The news spread quite quickly on Twitter because tweets are not edited and no one is responsible for the authenticity of the news published on this platform. Unlike other media channels, Twitter kept showing interest in the news throughout the week following its release. This situation is visually represented by the dotted line in the chart below.

This diagram shows the relationship between news resources and Twitter accounts that have referred to the news in their publications.

You can download a high-quality image (15 MB) here.

We also noticed that the news surrounding the Gram token, which was originally published on PR Newswire, was picked up by Yahoo Finance, which has 3.8 billion monthly visits. The thing to note here is that PR Newswire sends out paid press releases to its base of media channels. If you keep that in mind and prepare news accordingly, there is a chance that you might provoke the interest of a major financial news outlet and as a result, gain extra exposure. This is exactly what happened to the Gram token launch story.

You can find more of our conclusions about the Gram token launch news in our analysis.

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