We’ve spent 40 hours formulating the values of BDCenter Digital. Every member of our team was engaged in it. As a result, we created a guide to our daily communication with each other and our partners.

  • Working with love

    This is a secret that cuts our working day in half while multiplying the result. We enjoy the work itself, and the excitement of what we’ve achieved is the best motivation for us.

  • Honesty

    We’re always honest and kind towards each other. This makes it easy to receive feedback and not to waste our time and energy on guessing. We’re honest with ourselves, too, because we’re all our own bosses and we’re each responsible for doing our jobs well.

  • Freedom of opinion and expression

    We’re not afraid to offer anything new and we’re open to the ideas of others. Each of us has the opportunity to disagree with someone else and to share his own vision. Being open-minded is the superpower that enables us to look at the problem from different angles and generate great ideas to solve it.

  • Self-development

    Every member of our team sets goals for themselves and bears responsibility for their own results. We attend international conferences, expand our library, and constantly use our knowledge in practice. Like everybody else, we’re scared to leave our comfort zone, so we’ve created a special environment where we can do it together, not alone.